Live a Life of Meaning or Money

Every once in a while you watch a movie that leaves an impression. Or maybe it is because you are at a place in your life that you need to hear a certain message. Whatever the reason McFarland USA is one of those movies for me. (Warning spoiler alert if you haven’t watched it.)


A Moment of Silence – Because I Will Never Forget

I added this song as my phones ringtone when it first was released because I LOVED it. Now this tribute video adds the visuals to help bring forth the emotions you feel when you listen to it. I included Disturbed’s own music video below too. To all who lost their lives that day and to…

HBO’s Marketing For Westworld is Nothing Short of Genius

I Love creative marketing and this one from HBO for their upcoming show Westworld is AWESOME!  HBO, (I am an HBO Go subscriber), sent me an email saying I could get early access to the show and it included a website and a code to enter once I went there.  I clicked the link on…